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Secure Bluetooth 5.2 SoCs for High-Volume IoT Product

A Versatile Single-Chip Solution for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Bluetooth Mesh, and Direction Finding with Sub-Meter Accuracy
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Vermont lança sua plataforma de IoT

Utilizando um microcontrolador da Silicon Labs trabalhando em conjunto com o padrão LoRa a plataforma foi desenvolvida para suprir carências do cenário nacional
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Save Time with our Quick-Connect RF Terminations

In many DAS, base station, antenna and test applications the need to quickly and efficiently change RF terminations without the use of a tool is required to save both time
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Semtech Enables IoT of the Future with Next Generation LoRa Platform

New family of chipsets extends range with 50% reduction in power establishing LoRa as the defacto technology of choice for LPWAN solutions
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Understanding Key Mixer Parameters

By: Peter McNeil
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Omnetics Ruggedized Nano Strip Connectors

Nano Strip connectors at .025� pitch with high-reliability pin and socket systems offer proven reliability in extreme environments and provide fast and firm mating for high density circuits in miniature and portable electronics.
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In-Stock! End Launch Connectors to 110 GHz

To address the requirement for high speed millimeter-wave interconnects for chip evaluations, signal integrity measurements, 25 GbE, SERDES, coplanar waveguide, substrate characterization and test fixture applications, Pasternack has just released
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D-Sub Connectorized Electromechanical Switches Up to 26.5 GHz

All in stock and ready for same-day shipping!_x000D_
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