06/Fev/2017 - Maxwell

Announcing Localized Ultracapacitor Module Production In China

Under a definitive agreement with our valued business partner, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute Co. Ltd. (CRRC-SRI), Maxwell Technologies will begin localized production of ultracapacitor modules in China in the second half of 2017. This unique opportunity allows us to leverage the peak buying season for China’s new energy bus market and extend our reach into this highly crucial industry.

"Collaborating on localization initiatives for ultracapacitor production greatly extends our reach into the China bus market while increasing the number of users that can benefit from next-generation energy storage solutions."
Dr. Franz Fink, president and CEO - Maxwell Technologies

Since the beginning of our partnership with CRRC-SRI in 2015, we’sve had the pleasure of working together to achieve significant strides in energy storage for light rail systems, including CRRC-SRI’s use of Maxwell ultracapacitors for regenerative braking energy in Beijing’s subway and our co-development of lithium-ion capacitors for light rail systems. We’sre excited to become CRRC-SRI’s primary supplier of ultracapacitor cell technology for bus and rail applications-”two areas with enormous potential.

Maxwell has licensed its module designs to CRRC-SRI in support of the Chinese government’s requirement that vehicles implement locally-manufactured energy storage technology. CRRC-SRI will manufacture modules in local production lines using Maxwell’s 2.7-volt and 3-volt ultracapacitor cells.

CRRC-SRI will be instrumental in the joint design of future next-generation energy storage products, and we look forward to our partner’s manufacturing expertise to deliver these products to China’s new energy transportation businesses.

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